Driving directions from Derby to Horfield

Step by step driving directions and route map on how to go from Derby to Horfield by road.

Reverse route: Driving directions from Horfield to Derby

Great Northern Highway, Stuart Highway

2,902.9 mi1 day 19 hours 35 mins

Head northeast on Hardman Street 100 feet
Turn right onto Loch Street (H047) 1.8 mi
Continue onto Derby Highway (H047) 24.6 mi
Turn left onto Great Northern Highway (1) 508.5 mi
Turn right onto Victoria Highway (1) 344.7 mi
Turn right onto Bicentennial Road 1.9 mi
Merge left onto Stuart Highway (1) 416.6 mi
Continue onto Paterson Street (87) 1.5 mi
Continue onto Stuart Highway (87) 314.5 mi
Continue onto Telegraph Terrace (87) 2.0 mi
Enter Tom Brown Roundabout and take the 3rd exit onto Stuart Highway (87) 400 feet
Exit the traffic circle onto Stuart Highway (87) 4.9 mi
Turn right to stay on Stuart Highway (87) 753.2 mi
Turn left towards Port Augusta 0.9 mi
Continue onto Victoria Parade (A1) 1.7 mi
Continue onto Augusta Highway (A1) 11.9 mi
Turn left onto Main North Road (B56) 4.7 mi
Continue onto Horrocks Pass Road (B56) 8.2 mi
Turn right to stay on B56 1.6 mi
Keep right onto Horrocks Highway (B56) 11.2 mi
Turn left onto Arthur Road 0.3 mi
Turn left onto Reichstein Road 0.9 mi
Turn right onto Bishop Road 0.8 mi
Turn left onto Waters Road 6.3 mi
Turn right onto Willowie-Booleroo Road 2.0 mi
Continue onto Booleroo Road 0.9 mi
Continue onto Stephens Street 0.7 mi
Continue onto Booleroo-Jamestown Road 12.6 mi
Continue onto Fourth Street 500 feet
Turn left 0.3 mi
Continue onto Jamestown-Appila Road 14.6 mi
Continue onto Hornsdale Road 800 feet
Continue onto Clyde Street 900 feet
Turn left onto Jamestown-Caltowie Road (B79) 0.3 mi
Turn left onto Clare - Peterborough Road (B79) 100 feet
Keep right onto Wilkins Highway (B78) 0.3 mi
Go straight onto Cockburn Road (B78) 1.5 mi
Turn right onto Jameston - Hallett Road (B78) 17.0 mi
Continue onto Tommy Gap Road (B78) 4.7 mi
Turn right onto Barrier Highway (A32) 18.9 mi
Continue onto Watt Road (A32) 900 feet
Continue onto Ludgvan Street (B64) 0.7 mi
Continue onto Goyder Highway (B64) 50.3 mi
Turn left onto Ring Road 1.5 mi
Turn left onto Goyder Highway (B64) 54.5 mi
Turn left onto Sturt Highway (A20) 5.8 mi
Take the ramp on the left onto Sturt Highway (A20) 700 feet
Merge right onto Sturt Highway (A20) 1.3 mi
Turn right onto Lyrup Road 1.2 mi
Take the ferry 500 feet
Continue straight onto Wilson Parade 400 feet
Turn left onto Thayne Terrace 400 feet
Continue slightly right onto Beames Road 800 feet
Turn left onto Downer Avenue 900 feet
Continue onto Lyrup Main Road 1.3 mi
Turn left onto Pike Creek Road 3.0 mi
Keep left at the fork 0.2 mi
Go straight onto Stanitzki Road 7.9 mi
Turn right onto Sturt Highway (A20) 55.6 mi
Make a sharp right onto Merrinee North Road 0.4 mi
Turn right to stay on Merrinee North Road 6.6 mi
Continue onto Merrinee South Road 7.1 mi
Turn left onto Carwarp Road 23.3 mi
Turn right onto Calder Highway (A79) 42.0 mi
Continue onto Farrell Street (A79) 1.4 mi
Continue onto Calder Highway (A79) 26.0 mi
Turn left onto Chinkapook Mittyack Road 10.0 mi
Keep right onto Chinkapook Mittyack Road 3.9 mi
Turn right onto Robinvale - Sea Lake Road (C251) 1.1 mi
Turn left onto Chinkapook-Nyah West Road 0.5 mi
Turn right onto Springfield Road 7.9 mi
Turn left onto Chillingollah Road 26.1 mi
Turn right onto Murray Valley Highway (B400) 5.5 mi
Enter the traffic circle and take the 1st exit onto Curlewis Street (B400) 100 feet
Exit the traffic circle onto Curlewis Street (B400) 0.9 mi
Enter the traffic circle and take the 2nd exit onto Curlewis Street (B400) 200 feet
Exit the traffic circle onto Curlewis Street (B400) 0.5 mi
Continue onto Campbell Street (B400) 0.9 mi
Continue onto Murray Valley Highway (B400) 34.5 mi
Continue onto Wellington Street (B400) 0.5 mi
Continue onto Bendigo Road (B400) 0.9 mi
Continue onto Murray Valley Highway (B400) 1.1 mi
Turn left to stay on Murray Valley Highway (B400) 5.8 mi
Keep right onto Kerang - Macorna Road 3.3 mi
Go straight onto Kerang - Leitchville Road 11.5 mi
You have arrived at your destination, on the right